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What is Vigo Video.IN

Vigo Video is a short video social network where you can share your daily lives with your friends, family, and hipster from all over the world. Capture and create your own funny short videos with our special effects camera and tons of cute stickers. Discover and meet fun hipster with similar interests while sharing your life moments. Showcase your talents in 15 seconds with hipster from all over the world, whether it’s in dance, cooking, beauty, art, comedy, music, pets and more!

What are the unique features of the app?

It allows the creation of 15 seconds video. So how creative can you be if you are given just 15 seconds to showcase your creativity? This app gives you the exact time to become as creative as possible to make those around you laugh out loudly.

It consists of a fast and easy to use an editor with more than a hundred stickers to make your video-making experience more fun. You can edit the videos and add all those funny theme clips that the app offers.

You can also enhance the quality of the videos using the app’s special filters thus making them crystal clear and as attractive as ever.

Your video making experience is completed with an audio which you can select, thanks to its music supporting the feature. Your friends will not only see the video but also get more fun from the accompanying music.

Share it out! Let your friends see the undisputable creativity in you. You can share it across all social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How to earn money in Vigo Video.IN

You can earn money from Vigo Video.IN by uploading your videos or by referring it to your friends or by taking part in the quizzes it’s not YouTube nor similar to it but you can definitely earn money on Vigo Video.IN like youtube in Vigo Video.IN you upload your videos and when people like it you get flames which can be converted into real money Vigo Video.IN pays you through PayPal when your account reaches minimum threshold and it’s also easy to gain followers on Vigo Video.IN than on YouTube so it’s easy for one to make money on Vigo Video.IN then on youtube so if you make videos then you should try Vigo Video.IN as well to increase your chances of earning.

Vigo Video Download App 

Vigo Video App Download

Vigo Video App Download